Frequently Asked Questions about Incredimail Migration

Can I use MailMigra for Incredimail to convert Incredimail contacts or address book?

Incredimail Contacts are saved in AddrBook.db3 file. MailMigra for Incredimail has been developed for converting Incredimail emails (.imm & .iml files) only. MailMigra for Incredimail only converts email messages from Incredimail to Outlook, Incredimail to EML format. Thus, MailMigra for Incredimail is not meant for converting Incredimail Contacts.

To convert contacts from AddrBook.db3 file email us your AddrBook.db3 file and we will quickly convert the contacts for you, if you are a licensed user of our product.

Is it necessary to have Incredimail installed during conversion process ?

No, Incredimail is NOT required to be installed in a conversion machine. MailMigra for Incredimail can successfully process Incredimail migration even if Incredimail is not installed.

I am having some orphan IMM & IML files. Can I convert those orphan Incredimail IMM files to Outlook?

MailMigra for Incredimail can smartly convert orphan or separately saved IMM files to Outlook. The program convert both default & orphan IMM & IML files of Incredimail. Incredimail is not required to be installed on machine during conversion process.

How to locate Incredimail Mailboxes & emails?

Incredimail stores Incredimail emails or IMM files in a store location where one can find all IMM files such as - inbox.imm, dratfs.imm, deleted-items.imm etc. Incredimail stores IMM files in following location -

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\IM\Identities\{string of few characters & numbers}\Message Store\

See how to locate the above store location »

Is Outlook installation required to perform conversion of Incredimail to Outlook ?

Yes, Outlook is required to be installed on a conversion machine to perform Incredimail to Outlook conversion. Outlook must be installed & properly configured with valid POP3 account. See how to configure valid POP3 account »